Saturday, May 16, 2009

$150 Robot - Blinking Light

Part 4 - Blinking Light
Go to
Solder a resistor to an LED so that you can directly plug it in
Put LED between GND and any of the outputs (8 and 9 works)
Download the zip file
Open Programmer's Notepad
Follow directions for running make file
Follow directions for programming

You should now have a blinking light (this is the "Hello World" of the electronics world).

If its not working:
1. check all your connections
2. make sure all the appropriate power leds are on (if not its a hint of where something is wrong)
3. make sure if you are telling it which programmer you are using (usbtiny)
4. make sure you have told it the correct chip in all the correct places
5. take a break, come back, check 1-4 again (sometimes your eyes and brain need a rest)

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