Thursday, May 14, 2009

$150 robot - Parts

Breadboard $2.95 (B)
PC Board $0.90
Wire $6.95
Wire Cutter/ Strippers/ Pliers $17.95 (includes solder stuff)
Helping Hands $3.95
Multimeter $10.95
Programmer $22 (you have to solder it together) adafruit (sparkfun has one pre-build, don't forget a cable $14.95+$1.95)
9V Battery Holder(x4) $0.25


Resistors $6.75 (365 pieces) - you will need atleast 2x1.62kOhms and 1 340 Ohm for each LED (if the values aren't exact that's ok)
Capacitor $13.95 (60 pieces) you will need atleast 1 0.1uF and 2x220uF (if the values aren't exact that's ok)
Voltage Regulator 5V-1A $0.35 x2
IC Socket-28 pin$0.22 x2
AVR Mega 8 (28 pin DIP) $3.66 digikey
Headers $0.75
Switch $0.73 digikey
LEDs $0.12-$0.16 A or B any color, get about 10

Total: $94.83
(you might be able to get some parts a bit cheaper at other places, but I tried limiting the number of sites to reduce shipping costs)

Other Parts (some of these should be in the components section but I forgot to put them there)
Motors, servos (I used Hitec HS-311 servo from $8.99 each or $10.95 at
chassis material (I used 2 old 3.5" floppy disks)
9V Battery (I got 2 rechargables and a charger for about $8 at
Wheels - I used 2 peanut butter lids
Hobby Knife/ Cutter/ Something sharp
photo cells$0.75 x2
Female Headers
Battery holder (4xAA)

Yes I know we are under $150 but once you add in shipping, maybe a few of the optional things, a few extras of the basic items (so you don't have to pay $7 S/H next week for a $0.35 item) maybe a few upgrades, some storage containers, etc you should be at around $150


Crimping stuff - make nice ends to you input/outputs crimper tool (I used pliers, but they aren't the best), pins, housing (2 pin all the way up to 20s)
Bigger breadboard $8.50 (F) (B) for small stuff
Soldering Iron/ Stand/ Solder (this is included in the kit in the tools section, but if you already have tools and just need an iron) $4.95
Better took kit (includes box) $34.75
8 pin IC socket - we are using a chip with 28 pins, but you might in the future want to use the 8 pin chip, you can wire the 8 pin socket to your programming board for future use. $0.10
Bunch of parts (if you want more than the assortment listed this pack has just about everything) $48.95 - you would still need 28 pin socket, voltage regulator, headers, pwr in
LED kit $12.95
Bigger or smaller AVR chip
16MHz Crystal (not needed for this project, but needed if you want to use the chip at its fastest speed for other things)

One day soon, I'll add a list of parts you will need to do all the tutorials at sparkfun so you can order them if you want

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