Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lots to talk about

When my $50 robot is up and running at about $200 but I've learned a lot. First things first. Learn what you're doing. Makes sense huh, well I went to a site, bought parts, found I needed different parts, bough different parts, paid too much, bought more parts... and I still didn't have anything to show for it except a bunch of parts. So I'm writing a $150 robot tutorial. I know $150 sounds like a lot, but I'm not assuming you have a soldering iron, wire, wire strippers, multimeter etc. These are the only things I'm assuming you have:

Super Glue
Light to see with (you might want a brighter light, flashlight, etc)
Computer with a USB port (this can be done with linux, but the tutorial is done with windows)

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