Monday, December 7, 2009

Ardubot Solder

In this step you will need the PCP board, the headers, the power switch, the H-bridge (the IC chip) and your soldering stuff

1.  Break the headers so you have 2 pieces of 6, 2 pieces of 8 and 3 pieces of 2
2.  Solder the pieces of 6 and 8 onto the board in the holes that are labeld
3.  Solder 1 of  the 2 pin pieces in the unlabeled holes next to where the power switch goes
4.  Solder the powerswitch in
5.  Solder the H-bridge in

The silk screening will be on the bottom of your robot.
All pins should be placed so that the smaller end goes through the board, and the longer end is sticking up
The H-bridge goes on the bottom of the board (match up the notch on the board and the chip)

6. Solder the other 2 pin pieces next to the H-bridge facing down
7. Screw the motors onto the bottom of the board with the brakets (brakets are keyed).  Don't attach wheels yet
8. Bend the 2 pin pieces next to the motors so they are near the contacts on the motors
9. Solder the 2 pin pieces to the motors
10. Turn off the soldering iron we are all done soldering (except for the wireless part which comes way later)

Check out sparkfun's tutorial for pictures on correct placement here

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