Friday, March 20, 2009

Stuffs in!

Well I got all my stuff in today (except for the book from amazon, but I don't need that for this project). Its amazing how quickly you can loose track of time when you're playing, its now after 1am and I should probably go to bed soon. This little $50 robot is harder than it seems. A couple of things I noticed:

Servos - they need to be modified if you want them to go around in a circle (not just 180 degrees), but this requires programing your chip to get the potentiometer to the right spot, anyway, at that point you might as well build your circuit board.

Circuit Board - All the pictures are great if you are using a pcp board and soldering everything, but if you are using a bread board it doesn't work, you can't just put things next to each other and not connect them. This wasn't too big of a problem until I got to the header to attach the programmer, the header is 10 pins in a 2x5 configuration. Unfortunately, nowhere on my bread board can I put a 2x5 pin configuration with each pin independent. This caused me to have to do some problem solving.

Cable - Since the programing cable is about 6" and needs to be connected to the computer I figured I'd just make a "cable" that allowed me to configure my pins on my breadboard how ever I needed. We'll see how it works.

Well I basically got my circuit, built, I've got my pin outs for my cable and just need to add the wires, but that's for another day...

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